These sessions have laid the groundwork for the creation of a Reference Book on Ensuring Ethical Standards and Technical Requirements. This comprehensive manual will serve as a guiding document to ensure ethical conduct and technical integrity in the use of smart glasses and other technological devices within the project.

The ClinicalModelling project has recently concluded a series of five pivotal sessions hosted by its academic partners, the Expert and Stakeholder Consultation (ESC) Events: Santiago De Compostela University (ES), that held one session with 14 professionals, Jagiellonski University (PL), that held one session with 14 professionals, Escola Superior Santa Maria (PT), that held ode session with 18 professionals, and Ljubljana University (SI), that held two sessions with a total of 20 professionals. These sessions brought together approximately 66 professionals, specialists, and students from hospitals and universities at a national level. Each session involved at least 2 information and communication technology (ICT) experts, 2 representatives from hospital ethical committees, and 6 professionals involved in surgeries (surgeons and scrub nurses).

The primary aim was to present and discuss the ethical standards to be adhered to throughout the project. The objective was to engage in in-depth discussions on standards, ethics, patient rights, privacy, and the protection of personal data, alongside the technical requirements for recording, editing, and visualizing videos in both surgical settings and simulated practice environments.

The outcomes of these sessions are significant, as they addressed critical topics such as ethical standards, patient rights, privacy, and data protection. These discussions ensured that all aspects of the project adhere to the highest ethical considerations. Additionally, the sessions explored the technical aspects necessary for the successful implementation of video recording, editing, and visualization in both real and simulated surgical environments. The collaborative nature of the project was highlighted by the participation of diverse experts from ICT, hospital management, and surgical practice, ensuring that the developed guidelines are both comprehensive and practical.

As a result of these sessions, the partners have defined the features and characteristics of the technological devices to be acquired, a significant milestone achieved in the ClinicalModelling project. By establishing a robust framework for ethical standards and technical requirements, the project is well-positioned to advance healthcare education and practice through innovative technologies. Stay tuned for more updates as ClinicalModelling continues to set new benchmarks in the field of medical training and ethical practice.

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